About Us

Meet the CEO

Shae Datta, MD

Chief Education Officer, Residency Success

Dr. Datta attended medical school at St. James School of Medicine in the Netherlands, Antilles. She completed her Neurology residency at Hackensack University in New Jersey. She was the Inaugural Sports NeuroTrauma Fellow at the University of Florida under the tutelage of renowned concussion and brain injury experts. Dr. Datta is currently at a major academic center in NY as a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Neurology Department as a Concussion expert. She has years of experience guiding medical students, residents, and future fellowship hopefuls through the Match process.

Meet the Team

Mia Armstrong , MD
Director of Strategic Initiatives

Dr. Armstrong is a board-certified Pediatrician and a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She received her MD from the Medical Colleg...

Natasha Chase , MD
Physician Mentor

Dr. Chase is a newly Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician and has completed a fellowship in Surgical Obstetrics and Maternal Child Health....

Saja Elshareif
Director of Writing Services

Saja Elshareif is a former English professor who is passionate about writing and experienced in all related disciplines. She has been helping d...

Natasha Taylor
Director of Operations

A former science geek who transitioned into the realm of human capital, Natasha Taylor has 20+ years of experience supporting senior executives...

Rituraj Upadhyay , M.B.B.S.
Education Development Strategist

A graduate from All India Institute of Medical Sciences,  Dr. Upadhyay focuses on teaching medical graduates the correct strategies to hel...

Aakash Hans , MBBS
OET Tutor

Dr. Hans is a general physician born and raised in Delhi, India. With aspirations to pursue his medical career in the United States, he has gui...

Sharifa Patel , PhD
Project Strategist

Dr. Patel received her PhD in English and Cultural Studies from McMaster University. Her dissertation, "A Family Affair: Examining Canadia...

Our Mission

The cultural differences and expectations are just some things most candidates are not prepared to tackle as they begin their MATCH journey. At Residency Success, we are here to guide you, to mentor you, and to prepare you to reach that most desired goal. We also understand that most of our Candidates are medical students or foreign doctors that are not familiar with the American process of writing personal statements and interviewing. We are mostly a team of doctors, who have been in your shoes, so we also understand that this process can be financially challenging; hence, our goal is to offer you the services that you need at the most reasonable prices. We will spend the time with you to understand you on a personal level. Prior to each one-on-one personal session, our Mentors spend a half-hour preparing for every task to be addressed, so that they can properly guide and understand your core values

Why Us

One word: Personalization. We will tailor our services to your individual personalized needs. Have anxiety? We tailor our guidance to help you get to the root of the issue and tackle what may be causing the problem so you can perform maximally in all areas.

Stuck on your personal statement? You will be paired with one of our Mentors who will spend one-on-one time with you to properly frame your thoughts for a winning essay! Have no interview skills? With a combined experience of 20+ years of training and spending time in front of interview committees, the skills of our team of Interview Experts are harnessed to polish your words and present you as a finished product.

What We Do

Residency Success was started by an IMG like yourself. Shae Datta, MD completed her medical education at a smaller offshore Caribbean Medical school. Like they say, “easy to get on the Island but harder to get off.” She faced an uphill battle while completing USMLEs and endured a lot of misinformation that added undue stress to her MATCH journey. Over the years, she realized that a need existed for all IMG graduates to get the proper guidance and mentorship during this tiring but rewarding journey of USMLE to Residency.

The US residency MATCH has become more and more competitive every year. Dr. Datta has built a team to address the challenges that you may face on this journey. At Residency Success, we are here to hold your hand and guide you through this path to reach your ultimate goal of MATCHing into a residency and/or fellowship in the USA.