Additional Services

Consider These A-La-Carte Services To Round Out Your Journey To Residency MATCH

This approach is designed to uncover your weaknesses and accentuate your strengths. Depending On The Package You Choose, We Prepare You In Two Ways:

I. Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Drafting & Editing

There are two types of residency letters of recommendation program directors care about. The first type of residency letter of recommendation is written by someone who knows you very well—whether clinically because you worked on some research project together or both.

If they have asked you to write the first draft, we use our expertise in the academic environment to polish a well-written letter.

II. MSPE or ERAS Application Editing

We require a school draft of an MSPE with your background filled out and a current CV.

ERAS applications must be filled out by you online, and we will then take you step-by-step through it and make sure your information is accurate and suggest edits.

III. Letter of Intent (LOI)

A custom-tailored letter is created to grab the attention of a program director or to communicate clearly your unique strengths and what you bring to an institution.

The US residency MATCH has become more and more competitive every year. The cultural differences and expectations are something most candidates are not prepared for!

Our approach is personalized to overcome your weaknesses. We have interviewed 100’s of future residents and fellows in University-based programs who have matched successfully. If you are new to Interviewing, we recommend attending at least two Group Bootcamp Mock sessions followed by the one-on-one Mock sessions with our IV strategy experts.


Service Description Rate
Letter of Recommendation *$15 fee for 3-day turnaround $75 per LOR
MSPE (Document edits only) *$50 fee for 3-day turnaround $199 per MSPE Edits Only
ERAS Application Editing *$25 fee for 3-day turnaround $150 per ERAS
Letter of Intent *$15 fee for 3-day turnaround $30 per LOI
MSPE (Document creation & complete writing) *$15 fee for 3-day turnaround $499 per MSPE