Meet The CEO

An IMG herself, Dr. Datta is currently at a major academic center in New York as a Clinical Assistant Professor and a Concussion expert in Neurology. She attended medical school at St. James School of Medicine in the Netherlands, Antilles, and completed her Neurology residency at Hackensack University in New Jersey. In addition, she was the Inaugural Sports Neurotrauma Fellow at the University of Florida under the tutelage of renowned concussion and brain injury experts. She has years of experience guiding medical students, residents, and future fellowship hopefuls through the MATCH process.

Shae Datta, MD

Chief Education Officer, Residency Success

Our Mission

The cultural differences and expectations are just some things most candidates are not prepared to tackle as they begin their MATCH journey. At Residency Success, we are here to guide you, to mentor you, and to prepare you to reach that most desired goal. We are mostly a team of doctors, who have been in your shoes, and also understand that this process can be financially challenging; hence, our goal is to offer you the services that you need at the most reasonable prices.

What We Do

Residency Success was founded by an IMG like yourself. Shae Datta, MD completed her medical education at a smaller offshore Carribean Medical school. Like they say, “easy to get on the Island but harder to get off.” She faced an uphill battle while completing USMLEs, enduring a lot of misinformation that added undue stress to her MATCH journey. She quickly realized that a need existed for all IMG graduates to get the proper guidance and mentorship while navigating the tiring but rewarding journey of USMLE to Residency.

Why Us

One word Personalization​

We will tailor our services to your individual personalized needs.

Have anxiety?

We help you get to the root of the issue and tackle what may be causing the problem so you can perform maximally in all areas.

Stuck on your personal statement?

You will be paired with a Mentor who will spend one-on-one time with you to properly frame your thoughts for a winning essay!

Have no interview skills?

With a combined experience of 20+ years of training and spending time in front of interview committees, the skills of our Interview Experts are harnessed to polish your words and present you as a finished product.

Meet The Team

Natasha Taylor

Operations Consultant

A former science geek who transitioned into the realm of human capital, Ms. Taylor has 20+ years of experience supporting senior executives in their career development, having served as head of Operations of a New York-based Executive Advisory firm. She is skilled in CV and bio development, interviewing, and advising people from varied backgrounds and industry-specific skill sets in their career transitions. Ms. Taylor graduated with a degree in Engineering Sciences from Yale University, with a focus in Chemical Engineering. She is excited to be helping the next generation of doctors to achieve their winnable goals!

Manoj Dalmia, MD

Director of Educational and Strategic Initiatives

Dr. Dalmia most recently worked as a Pediatric Anesthesiologist and Clinical Assistant Professor in Anesthesiology at NYU Langone Medical Center. He graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor and completed his residency in Anesthesiology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School, while spending six months of rotations in Pediatric Anesthesiology at Children’s Hospital Boston. His fellowship in Pediatric Anesthesiology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center followed. A proud first-generation Indian American and the first physician in his family, Dr. Dalmia thrives in his role as Mentor to medical students and international medical graduates in their preparation for the US residency MATCH process.

Anu Bodla, MD

Physician Mentor & Social Media Manager

Dr. Bodla is a resident in Psychiatry at Community Health System based in Southern California. Born in India and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she moved to Bangalore to attend M.S. Ramaiah Medical College. After medical school, Dr. Bodla continued her education in mental health, traveling to Houston, Chicago, and New York to complete psychiatry externships. Dr. Bodla has had a long-standing commitment to community service: during her time in India, she volunteered at a free clinic, where she realized the increased need for psychiatric care in the community setting; and she has volunteered for the National Sexual Assault Hotline, which she plans to continue during residency.

Natasha Chase, MD

Physician Mentor

Dr. Chase is a newly Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician; she also completed a fellowship in Surgical Obstetrics and Maternal Child Health. She attended University of Connecticut as an undergrad and then completed medical school at the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine. In June 2020, she completed a Family Medicine residency at RWJ University Hospital Somerset. She has worked with many medical students on their Personal Statements and helped them express their interests and goals in medicine. In her third year of residency, Dr. Chase was appointed Chief Resident and was an active member of the admissions committee, conducting interviews and lunch gatherings with potential candidates.

Mayank Gupta, MD


Dr. Mayank Gupta is an energetic and enthusiastic individual who enjoys applying energy and enthusiasm to his teaching. Mayank learned from his own Step 1 prep that a positive outlook and simplifying problems were the keys to success. He hopes to not only pass along the tools he learned, but also the perspective he gained from the tough but rewarding months leading up to Step 1. Mayank has been tutoring since high school and has always enjoyed passing along knowledge, from a simple physics question to a complex question stem on the Step 1 exam. Mayank believes that a tutor should teach students with the goal that they do better on their exam than their tutor.

Mayank has already helped hundreds of graduates from American and Foreign medical schools. He has conducted USMLE review courses for various medical schools in the Caribbean. He is ECFMG certified with Step 3.

He has extensive experience in tutoring students for USMLE Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3. Mayank believes that being personally invested in his students and customizing the perfect resources and strategies for them is what leads his students to success. Understanding each person’s unique strengths and weaknesses, and customizing a strategy and plan to use their strengths to overcome their weaknesses is what Mayank prides himself in. He will always be on your side and will continue to adapt your study plan in order to help you reach your personal goals.

Atif Khan, MBBS

Physician Mentor

Dr. Khan is a PGY1 Pathology resident at ZSOM Northwell/Hofstra, New York. As an IMG, he completed medical school in Nigeria during the peak of an insurgency and his residency in Transfusion Medicine at AIIMS New Delhi, India, where his exposure to the lab and research further cemented his passion to study pathology. In addition, he has co-authored multiple publications. Dr. Khan enjoys mentoring future medical professionals as he believes that proper guidance can exponentially improve one’s performance; he takes the time to help individuals put forward the best version of themselves.

Rituraj Upadhyay, MBBS

Physician Mentor

A graduate from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr. Upadhyay is a Senior Mentor with Residency Success and a resident physician in Radiation Oncology at a leading medical center in Ohio. In addition to advising foreign medical graduates in their U.S. residency goals, he is skilled in teaching medical graduates the correct test-taking strategies to help them think like a question-maker. He has completed many exams on his path to residency and previously worked with Kaplan as a content developer, which gives him in-depth knowledge of what goes into making USMLE-style clinical questions.

Saja Elshareif, MA

Director of Writing Services

Saja Elshareif is a former English professor who is passionate about writing and experienced in all related disciplines. She has been helping domestic and international medical graduates with their residency personal statements for almost a decade. In this time, she has developed an expertise in helping clients formulate a story that expresses their professional and personal interest in their chosen specialty. Her goal is to individualize the writing process and to ensure that each statement is unique and memorable. Ms. Elshareif also enjoys creative writing and spending time with her husband and their three children.

Renee Hipple


Ms. Hipple has 20+ years of experience writing legal documents for a title company and editing for a court stenographer. With a bachelor of science degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology, she has also coached and mentored high school students through the college application process, editing their personal statements and writing numerous letters of recommendation. Ms. Hipple is well acquainted with the medical education process (from medical school to MATCH through residency and fellowship) having witnessed her own daughter complete her studies at the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine. She is excited to help future U.S. residents illustrate those personal qualities which will make them competitive in the MATCH.

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