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Have USMLE Attempts or Failures?

These tutorials are highly recommended for poor test takers or if you have an existing attempt on the Steps!

What Do We Focus On? Your ultimate aim is to get a question right. Even if you don’t know the concept or fact, there are many clues in the question stem and options which can help you reach the best possible answer. This is how we try to save time and maximize your scores during the exam.

We usually try to find out your weak areas and work on them to maximize the odds of your success! We will teach you tricks to make you think like a question-maker and then find clues to get to the best possible answer. There is an initial 2-session minimum as we need this time to cement your question analysis approach.

2-hour USMLE Tutoring Session

$ 60
Per Hour
  • $120 for 2-Hr minimum the initial session
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